Supervisors urged to ‘join hands’

Published in the Loudoun Times-Mirror, March 10, 2009

Dear Supervisors,

Loudoun Interfaith Bridges is a local association of faith communities. Combined, our congregations involve several thousand Loudoun residents.

This economic recession will affect all of Loudoun’s residents, but none so much as those who are at the bottom of our economic ladder. There is no doubt that, as the recession deepens, more Loudoun residents will be seeking services and traditional sources of nonprofit funding will diminish.

Nonprofits are efficient. In 2007, volunteers coordinated by Loudoun Volunteer Caregivers gave 7,000 hours and 4,152 services that enabled frail elderly and adults with disabilities who live in Loudoun County to continue living independently.

Health and human service nonprofits received slightly more than $800,000 from local tax dollars for FY09. This amounts to 0.094 percent of tax dollars going to agencies feeding the hungry, housing the homeless, providing after-school programs to low-income children, giving hearing to the poor and much more. This funding is spread across 18 deserving nonprofits.

Our communities of faith will continue to do our part to support Loudoun citizens who need extra help during these challenging economic times, but we cannot do it by ourselves. You, as government leaders, can join hands with us and help lead the way.

We pray that you will not decrease the funding to the Regional Organizations budget, but rather, it is our earnest prayer that you will strengthen your support to these deserving service providers.

Signed, The membership of Loudoun Interfaith Bridges